New image for Sorrento


The Leadership Ascension volunteer organization proposed a new town sign, logo and letterhead for Sorrento at its May 20 council meeting. The council voted 4-0, with the absence of Wanda Bourgeois, to adopt a resolution to replace the town’s existing logo and accept Leadership Ascension’s new design.

Leadership Ascension’s 2014 class incorporated the Good Neighbor Project, which was put in place to “improve” Sorrento’s public image. In December, it brought the town together for a Christmas Tree Lighting ceremony.

Larry Schexnaydre, of Leadership Ascension’s, presented the council with two options of designs to choose from: one included a diminutive pig, posed in the traditional all-fours stance, and the other without that was adopted.

“Over the past year, you’ve been the subject of some pretty bad press on television and in the papers,” Schexnaydre said. “I’m sure y’all have gotten tired of it and, to tell you the truth, we’re tired of it too. The new logo projects a more serious image that could even help attract business to Sorrento but we included a tribute to Sorrento’s history.”

Schexnaydre said the new logo has a more business-like representation for Sorrento. He noted the porcine tail spiraling from the script “o” in Sorrento’s last letter, still maintains its history of the Boucherie.

Mayor Mike Lambert thanked Schexnaydre and the other Leadership Ascension members who attended the council meeting.

“I think we have things moving in the right direction and it’s time to usher in a new age,” Lambert said. “The logo that Leadership Ascension brought to us is going to help moving in that direction and I, for one, am very appreciative.”

Leadership Ascension said the Good Neighbor Project is not done, it also plans to provide landscaping improvements along Sorrento’s most travelled roadways, subject to approval by the Louisiana Department of Transportation and Development.