Riley running for City Council Division A

Special to The Weekly Citizen

Dear City of Gonzales Citizen:

Please allow me to take this opportunity to introduce myself. My name is Timothy “Tim” Riley, and I am a Christian husband, father, grandfather, brother, uncle, friend, neighbor, pet owner, community servant, community activist, and candidate in the upcoming election on Tuesday, Nov. 3, for City of Gonzales Council, Division A #107.

Timothy "Tim" Riley

“I am seeking and asking for Your Prayers, Your Support, Your Help, and most of all –Your Vote!” I was nurtured in Ascension Parish and a native of Darrow, LA. I am married to Mary Joseph-Riley, and we are proud Gonzales residents. We have a beautiful family and have reared our children to have Faith in God, love for all people, and a prayer life. My entire family have been educated in the Ascension Parish School Systems. Our family have a great fondness for this city and would like to see it continue to be a place that is welcoming and nurturing to any and all whom desire to reside and/or maintain employment here in the City of Gonzales. I am a retired Longshoreman/Business Agent –LA Association Local 3033 ILA Representative; Licensed Insured Sales Agent-Primerica Financial Services. Currently, I am committed and serving throughout the Gonzales community organizing, volunteering, and mentoring for Ascension Parish Schools Mentoring Program-Young Men of Character (YMOC), in various school groups in the City of Gonzales; Commissioned Police Officer-Gonzales Police Dept. (GPD); Concealed Handgun Permit Carrier-LA Dept. of Public Safety & Corrections.

I am all about “Connecting with People.” In being productive as a community servant with high energy, overall commitment, and contributions to offer our community, in seeking to bring togetherness for everyone, if elected in the upcoming election on Tuesday, November 3rd, 2020, my precedence is to be open, approachable and transparent in communicating policies and programs to all of my citizens’. I will reply to your needs and complaints. My intentions to persevere in transformational work addressing the city’s economic growth, and unforeseen problems’ in city government that play a vital role in infrastructure, tax restraint, protecting the citizens’ safety, quality city services, efficient workforce, maintenance of a well-paid city, and our God-given individual, and property rights it ought to ensure is creating a fair level playing field for all businesses to act as engines to improve the opportunities of job growth, refraining from offering preferential treatment, and will also lead in promoting equity, and equality. While remaining accountable to the will of all citizens’, local government should be the most representative. It is for this reason; I am satisfied to say that I am not just “starting out the gate” with my campaign. It began a while back before the COVID-19 Pandemic. I have been “hitting the pavement,” getting name recognition, out in the public arena by polling Division A, speaking and getting to know as many residents’ as possible throughout my day, knocking on doors and standing at the doorsteps of many family members, friends, neighbors, and Gonzales businesses’. Also, I will be driving by and making phone calls as this election moves forward. Please, contact me about any questions, or suggestions you may have; “I’ll be looking forward to having a conversation with you!” Additional information and concerns about my campaign and all other matters of interest that pertains to the electing of “Tim Riley #107” on the City of Gonzales Council, Division A, will be forthcoming.

Praying God’s Blessings upon you, your family and our community,

Tim Riley #107

Candidate for City of Gonzales Council, Division A