Conservative Republicans announce Louisiana Freedom Caucus

Staff Report

Conservative Republicans in the Louisiana House of Representatives announced the formation of the Louisiana Freedom Caucus, a state House legislative caucus supporting open, accountable and limited government, the Constitutions of the state and nation, the rule of law, and policies that support the liberty, safety and prosperity.

In the tradition of the House Freedom Caucus at its inception in Washington, D.C., it is also the policy of the Louisiana Freedom Caucus to decline to release a list of its invitation-only membership.

State Rep. Kathy Edmonston

Two of the founding members, including Ascension Parish Rep. Kathy Edmonston of District 88, chose to announce that they have joined the Caucus.

"I am proud to announce my membership in the newly-formed Louisiana Freedom Caucus," she stated in a news release. "I believe Louisiana is destined for greatness! We have a phenomenal people and an amazing culture. However, the people are no longer directing their leaders, as was intended by our founding fathers. Our legislature must return to a body accountable to 'We the People' of this great state."

"As the federal government is now trying to control every aspect of our lives, we must protect the sovereignty of our state. As a member of the Louisiana Freedom Caucus, I will endeavor to do just that by supporting conservative values, limited government, and the rule of law."

Danny McCormick of District 1 also announced his membership.

"As a longtime grassroots political activist, I was honored to receive and accept an invitation to join the Louisiana Freedom Caucus. It is the grassroots networks and groups in our great state who are going to help bring about the sorely-needed change in Louisiana, and the State Freedom Caucus Network understands that part of the equation."

Working with the State Freedom Caucus Network, Louisiana is the 11th state to form a legislative caucus aligned with the work and policy efforts of the House Freedom Caucus in Washington, D.C.