RPCC announces PTEC express summer program

Staff Report

River Parishes Community College announced that PTEC Express will return this summer with courses starting on May 25.

PTEC Express is an accelerated program in which participants complete the Associate of Applied Sciences (AAS) in Process Technology in nine weeks. The program is rigorous, and graduates have many career opportunities in the process technology industry.

“The PTEC Express program has been on hiatus for the last few summers due to the COVID-19 pandemic. We are excited about bringing it back this summer. It’s a great opportunity for individuals looking for a career change. The program is rigorous but well worth it as PTEC Express completers have great opportunities for a career in the process technology field,” said Vice Chancellor of Academic Affairs and Institutional Effectiveness Emily Campbell.

PTEC Express is a selective admission program. The Application deadline for this program is April 1. To apply, students must complete four steps to be considered. They must apply to the college, obtain a student ID number, complete an interest form, and request that any transcripts from other schools be transferred to RPCC.

This program will consist of courses in plant and health safety, process instrumentation, process systems, unit operations, troubleshooting, internships, and more. For more information about PTEC Express or about how to apply for the program, visit https://www.rpcc.edu/ptech-express.

“The PTEC Express program is a wonderful opportunity for those individuals that have already accomplished gaining a degree and are looking to change career pathways,” said Dean of Applied Sciences Jeremy Whittemore. “In one summer, an individual that has already completed all of the General Education requirements prior to the start can achieve an Associate of Applied Science in Process Technology. This is a game-changer for someone that has always wanted to enter the field of Process Technology but thought that it was unattainable due to having to attend a two-year program.”

Students will know whether or not they have been accepted into the program by April 25. The program will take place at the Gonzales Campus in the technical building, which is at 925 W. Edenborne Parkway.