Local groups help veterans celebrate Christmas

Special to The Weekly Citizen
Administrator Ashlyn Hilburn, Betty Kean, Brittney Kean and Activity Director Margaret Matthews at the Jackson War Veterans Home.

The American Legion Auxiliary Unit 81 partnered with the American Legion Post 81, Heirome Gaines Chapter Daughters of the American Revolution, Thomas Jefferson Society Children of the American Revolution, Thomas Jefferson Chapter Daughters of the American Colonists, and Our Lady of Holy Rosary Catholic Church to donate items to the Jackson War Veterans Home for Christmas. Items included: chips, snacks, toiletries, shirts, drinks, and other various items.

Summer Ford, secretary, Thomas Jefferson C.A.R.; Brittney Kean, senior society president, Thomas Jefferson C.A.R.; Vivian Ford, society president, Thomas Jefferson C.A.R.

Honoring the fallen

The Thomas Jefferson Society, Children of the American Revolution, along with the Heirome Gaines Chapter, Daughters of the American Revolution, were honored to mark the Jewish veterans’ graves at the Baton Rouge National Cemetery after Wreaths Across America on Dec. 17. The C.A.R. girls thought that the Jewish soldiers should be honored and wanted to know how they could mark their graves to honor them. Senior Society President Brittney Kean worked with Jason Matthews at Louisiana National Cemetery, consulted with a Baton Rouge synagogue and talked with a Jewish friend to develop two proposals – planting a flag or leaving a stone, which is Jewish custom. After looking at the proposals, LNC decided that planting a flag was a better option than leaving a stone. But, to keep with the custom of leaving stones, crocheted stone pockets were attached to the flagpole. The girls Remembered and Honored every veteran but also turned their passion into a teaching moment, following the Wreaths Across America mission: Remember, Honor, Teach.

Senior Society President Brittney Kean, and the girls’ mom, Senior Society Treasurer Erah Harper, are proud of the girls for their recognition of these veterans.