Ascension STEM GEMS students selected to see movie premier

Staff Writer
Gonzales Weekly Citizen

To commemorate the opening of the historic movie Hidden Figures, the STEM GEMS Mentoring Pilot Project took 57 young girls from surrounding schools to see the movie at the Malco Cinema in Gonzales, followed by lunch and learn at Kamal's Kafe where they got the chance to chat with real life scientists and engineers including NASA Astronaut Alyssa Carson.

To be apart of the educational event, participants were asked to send an email with their name, age, the current school attending and the reason why the movie was important to them, what young girls can continue to do to be apart of history and how STEM can help achieve that endeavor.

After careful selection, the following Ascension east bank girls were chosen to attend the movie opening: Lauren Bennet and Skye Taylor-Gonzales Middle, Ashley Sullivan, Hailey Stokes and Destiny Graves-Dutchtown High, Lauren and Laylah Thompson, Jamilyn Robinson, Amyri Robinson, Alona Washington and Leah Vaugh- Ascension Christian, Courtney Grayson-Central Primary, Kynedee McCullen-Central Middle, Alana Turner and Beatrice Evans- Carver Primary, Adrianna Ceballos Riveria-Galvez Middle, Christian Burnett, Cayla Burnett and Payton Webster-Pecan Grove Primary and Jaylen Jones-Duplessis Primary.

Partners included State Representative, District 58 Edward Price, Jada Lewis, BESE Board District 8, Councilman Tyler Turner, Travis Turner, Turner Law Firm, Brad Walker and Czarina Walker-The Creole, Karen Reeves and Sarah Moore, LaWIT

James Moore, Expert Maintenance, Ascension Realty of Louisiana, Shalan M. Randolph, MBA, APRN, FNP-BC, Dr. Lisa Le, St. Elizabeth's Physicians, Dr. Leah Cullins, Geaux Get Healthy, Dr. Nishawn Stovall, Michael Burnett, Shantel Blouin Thompson, Cynthia Buggage, Joseph Washington, Jr.- Wal-Mart and Chief Sherman Jackson.

"Today was truly an amazing day," said founder Alsie Dunbar. "I have been moved to tears of joy and gratefulness from the overwhelming amount of support that The STEM GEMS Mentoring Pilot Project has received. Thank you to every parent who allowed their child to come see Hidden Figures and participate in the Lunch and Learn, to every community partner, and every volunteer who made it possible. This is for you all. For the community, for our kids. God gave me the vision and He chose me to lead these girls to the light of self love, empowerment, and realizing that they can do anything they put their minds to!"