MYAC members attend Hidden Figures movie premier

Staff Writer
Gonzales Weekly Citizen
Tamiko Stroud, Nina Smith, Alsie Dunbar, Kerrionne Brown and Aliyah Winfrey at Kamal's Kafe. Not pictured is Whitney Brown and Katilyn Williams.

To commemorate the opening of the historic movie Hidden Figures on Jan. 7, the STEM GEMS Mentoring Pilot Project  took a total of 60 young girls to see the movie at the Malco Cinema in Gonzales, followed by lunch and learn event at Kamal’s Kafe where they were able to chat with real life scientists and engineers.

The ladies of the Donaldsonville's Mayor's Youth Advisory Council were among those selected to see Hidden Figures.  In attendance were Whitney Baker, Kerrionne Brown, Nina Smith, Tamiko Stroud, Katilyn Williams and Aliyah Winfrey, all from Donaldsonville High School. 

The objective of the STEM GEMS Mentoring Pilot Project is to promote the interest of Girls Excelling in Math and Science through mentoring and encouraging them to pursue careers and advanced degrees in STEM majors where women and minorities are underrepresented.

"I have been moved to tears of joy and gratefulness from the overwhelming amount of support that The STEM GEMS Mentoring Pilot Project  received," said Alsie Dunbar, founder of The STEM GEMS Mentoring Pilot Project. "Thank you to every parent who allowed their child to come see Hidden Figures and participate in the Lunch and Learn, to every community partner, and every volunteer who made it possible. This is for you all."

Dunbar is a lifelong resident of Ascension Parish with a passion for motivating and inspiring youth through mentoring. With over 18 years of experience in the chemical industry, she is a dual-degreed scientist and chemical engineer. She has served in various roles throughout those years, which have included process and plant design, research and development, product quality management, and environmental regulation. 

Dunbar will be presenting more information about the STEM GEMS mentoring program at the February meeting of the Donaldsonville Mayor's Youth Advisory Council.  The meetings are open to the public. 

For more information about STEM GEMS, visit their website at