Lowe's partners with Ascension Animal Center

Staff Writer
Gonzales Weekly Citizen

Lowe's embraces teamwork as a core value and a key ingredient in maintaining an engaged work force. This year, Lowe’s of Gonzales has formed a partnership with The Ascension Parish Animal Center. 

The mission is to perform services for the citizens of Ascension Parish and to provide them with valuable information and resources concerning the increasing number of animals that are now within the Ascension Parish.  The purpose is to relieve the Ascension Parish citizens from their concerns of the roaming, nuisance, vicious, neglected and abused animals. 

Lowe’s of Gonzales started the project on Aug. 19, and is said to have plans to continue until the project is completed on Sept. 8. 

On Sept. 9 there will be a celebration upon project completion. Details have yet to be announced.