10-year-old Donaldsonville native sets out to make a difference

Andrew Green The Citizen/The Chief

10-year-old Makiah Nailer of Donaldsonville, La. is out to make a change for the better in the world and in his community.

Makiah found inspiration to promote peace after being introduced to a poem written by his older brother, Keith Nailer, in a STOP the Violence campaign years ago. The poem was sent to Senator Mary Landrieu in Washington DC, and currently resides in the Library of Congress in a book titled “Do the Right Thing”.

To follow in Keith’s footsteps, Makiah created a YouTube video in which he reads the famed poem in monologue format and can be viewed at www.youtube.com titled Lost and Found by Makiah Nailer.

Makiah not only captured the pride of his community, but also from his brother and mother, Desiree Nailer. “I just think it’s something special for a boy his age to speak out against the violence in the world and in our community,” Desiree said. “He is a very intelligent and caring young man in representing our youth and letting the public know it’s not always the violence that makes headlines, but also the young people that have respect for life and want to do more to improve it.”

Makiah hopes the video can help viewers visualize the intended message of the poem that highlights the harsh realities of the world.