Cookie Truck delay means fewer Girl Scout cookies, varieties this weekend

Marianne Addy Vice President of Communications and Marketing Girl Scouts Louisiana East

If you find Girl Scout Cookie Booths with fewer cookies this weekend, and none of your beloved Thin Mints, you can blame Old Man Winter, and the storm that hit a large part of the nation earlier this week. According to an email sent to local Girl Scouts received Thursday, Little Brownie Bakers, the baker who supplies Girl Scouts Louisiana East with its cookies, based out of Louisville, Kentucky, grounded 95 percent of its trucks transporting Girl Scout cookies to council cupboards, with LTL terminals shut down for safety measures.

According to Alisha Moore, Vice President of Sales at Girl Scouts Louisiana East, the truck, loaded down with cookies bound for southeast Louisiana, will not make it to local cookie cupboards until Monday, meaning fewer cookies and varieties available for sale this weekend.

The council is determining whether to extend its sale one week, which was originally due to end on March 15.

And if you want Thin Mints in the coming weeks, you may find they look a little different. A shortage of this cookie from Little Brownie Bakers, is leading some Girl Scout councils to offer the ABC Baker version of this cookie, to its customers. The two Thin Mint cookies, as seen in an interactive video by The Los Angeles Times, are baked by two different bakers – Little Brownie Bakers and ABC Bakers, who each use a slightly different recipe. Which one do you prefer? If you’re lucky, you’ll get to be the judge!