Editorial: You can pay to be in the movies

Lisa Yates

Yes. That's right. You can pay to appear in a feature film.

I received a press release from Dream Coast Films about a new movie, Route 65 Nashville, where anyone can buy a speaking part for $25,000.

Are you interested?

That's a little too rich for my blood, but I'm sure there are folks out there willing to do it.

The movie is being filmed in Nashville, August and September, and features an all-star cast, according to producers.

Stars such as Eric Roberts, Corbin Bernsen, Naomi Judd, Johnny Messner, Rachel Hunter, Daryl Hannah, Janine Turner, Brooke Hogan, Stephen Baldwin, Randall Batinkoff, Chris Wiehl, Ray Lewis, Bill Goldberg, Kevin Nash, Kurt Busch, Kenny Wallace, Peter Donald Badalamenti II, Joel Lambert, Rachel Rosenstein and others are set to appear in the film.

I'm a big fan of Janine Turner. She played Maggie O'Connell in my favorite TV series Northern Exposure. She also appeared in the soap opera General Hospital along with Demi Moore.

Still, the price tag is too high for me.

According to executive producer Barbara Terry, $1.5 million is needed to complete this $7.2 million dollar budget feature film.

In the news release she said the movie has worldwide distribution in-place and worldwide distribution in-place for its soundtrack.

You can also pay $99 to submit an original song for the soundtrack. A panel of judges will select five songs from the entries. The contest rules and entry forms are at www.Route65Nashville.com, if you are interested.

Perhaps you want to feature your business or products in the film. Producers say there are still numerous paid product integration opportunities for clothing, alcohol, vehicles, food, make-up, hotels, hair products, restaurants, department stores, cell phone companies, gas stations, soft drinks and numerous other opportunities that can be customized to fit a company.

I suppose the cost varies depending on the product placement within the film.

Investors are also needed. Starting at $50,000, you can own a certain percentage of the movie and receive income from theatre ticket sales, DVD distribution, television airings etc. I'm not a tax attorney, but I understand there may be some tax incentives to investing.

Are you interested, yet?

If you are, contact Barbara Terry at Barbara@BarbaraTerry.com.

You can also visit www.Route65Nashville.com or www.DreamCoastFilms.com, for more information. Twitter fans can follow them at Route65TheMovie.

If you decide to get involved, please let me know. I would love to follow the story and write about your experiences from beginning to end.

Who knows? We may see you in the movies!

Lisa Yates is the editor of Gonzales Weekly Citizen. Follow her on Twitter @Lisa_editor.