Mike Lambert plans to expand sewer system as Sorrento's next mayor

Lisa Yates @Lisa_editor

As Sorrento's next mayor, Mike Lambert said he plans to meet with the council members to hear their ideas and formulate a set of priorities for the town.

"I think our No. 1 issue right now is to continue to expand our sewer system," he said. "Initially, I want to get a grasp of the town's finances and go from there. Perhaps we can get a grant to expand the sewer system."

Lambert won the position when Wilson Longanecker Sr. withdrew from a runoff scheduled for May 4. He finished second in the primary, receiving 135 votes, or 30 percent, 8 votes ahead of Jason Adams.

"I ask the citizens to be patient with the new councilmen and me," he said. "Give us some time to implement the programs we need. The town has had some problems for a period of time. It didn't happen overnight and it's going to take some time to get the town back in order."

Lambert will take office as mayor of Sorrento on July 1, succeeding Longanecker's son, Mayor Wilson Longanecker Jr.