St. Amant Volunteer Firefighters visit site of tragic event – one year later

Chief James E. LeBlanc Special to The Citizen

It's been one year since the St. Amant community was struck with the tragic accident that took the lives of two beautiful angels: Faith and Patience. The call came from the 911 Center at 21:41 p.m. I still remember the exact words of the 911 dispatcher: "We have a vehicle in the bayou off Stringer Bridge Rd. with small children possibly entrapped."

Today the St. Amant Firefighters visited the site of the accident and placed roses in the bayou where the accident occurred.

I can still remember arriving on scene to see St. Amant residents, sheriff's deputies and firefighters jumping into the black, cold waters of that bayou to do whatever they could to bring those babies out.

Being in the fire service my entire life, we have faced death more than we could ever imagine. But the death of these two beautiful girls would change the lives of so many people in this Fire Department and community.

I remember this response like it was yesterday, and it will be we me forever. Faith and Patience changed my life forever and I will never forget. Even though their stay here was very brief, their footprints have left a very big imprint in all our hearts.