BASF and New Orleans Super Bowl XLVII Host Committee organize 200 volunteers to build homes for Baton Rouge families in need

Staff Writer
Gonzales Weekly Citizen

The Rosewood subdivision of Baton Rouge benefitted from the activities surrounding Super Bowl XLVII as more than 200 volunteers gathered on Saturday to help build new homes. BASF, a Host Committee sponsor for the New Orleans Super Bowl XLVII, partnered with Habitat for Humanity of Greater Baton Rouge to bring a Super Saturday of Service event to Baton Rouge.

"We are thrilled that Super Saturday of Service has extended beyond the city of New Orleans to Baton Rouge. BASF has been instrumental in ensuring Super Bowl XLVII leaves a positive legacy on our entire state, not just our host city," said Jay Cicero, Executive Director of the Super Bowl XLVII Host Committee. "Super Bowl is about so much more than sports. It is about a city, state and corporations like BASF coming together to put our best foot forward. The Super Saturday initiative is a prime example of everything that makes Louisiana special."

Volunteers from BASF's Geismar site and the Baton Rouge area worked throughout the day raising walls on one home, pre-building another two homes, and landscaping and providing finishing touches to several other homes in the neighborhood.

"What an exciting day when 200 people from all over greater Baton Rouge and from differing backgrounds can come together to make affordable housing a priority in our community," said Lynn Clark, Executive Director of Habitat for Humanity of Greater Baton Rouge. "We appreciate BASF's efforts to make Habitat of Greater Baton Rouge a part of the Super Saturday of Service, and the generosity of the employees who volunteered for these projects. Most importantly, we thank our partner families who have trusted the sponsors and volunteers with helping make their dream of homeownership a reality."

One of the new homeowners, Diane Clark, worked alongside volunteers building her new home.

"I am so excited about starting to build my house and seeing it go from the ground up! It's hard work but it is worth it," said Clark.

The event provided volunteers the chance to take part in an official Super Bowl XLVII event while giving back to the community at the same time.

"Our employees were very excited about working with Habitat for Humanity. Our community is very important to us, and we are grateful for every chance we get to help build its strength and participate in these events," said Tom Yura, Senior Vice President and General Manager of BASF Geismar.

Clark expressed her appreciation to BASF, the Habitat ReStore and the Super Saturday of Service volunteers.

"Thank you so much for sponsoring my house and for giving up your Saturday to come help me. I really appreciate everything the volunteers and sponsors are doing," she said.