Gonzales attorney named state's hottest bachelor by Cosmo magazine

Lisa Yates @Lisa_editor
Ryan Chenevert, 25, an attorney and 23rd Judicial District Court law clerk in Gonzales, was named the 2012 hottest La. Bachelor in Cosmopolitan Magazine

In the November issue on stands now, Cosmopolitan magazine revealed its annual hunk-fest edition with the eye-candy photo spread: "Hottest Bachelors of 2012."

Inside the pages and online women can flip through the pictures of the 51 sexiest single guys from across America and read about their turn-ons, find out the craziest thing they've ever done for love, and email them messages.

When women readers get to Louisiana, they'll feast their eyes upon Ryan Chenevert, a Gonzales attorney who described seeing himself in the pages of Cosmo magazine as "surreal."

His profile can be found at Cosmo online at http://www.cosmopolitan.com/sex-love/bachelors-2012/bachelors-2012-louisiana where people can vote for him from now until Oct. 18.

The 10 bachelors with the most votes will be named semifinalists, and a panel of Cosmo editors will chose one of these guys to be "Bachelor of the Year" and receive $10,000. In addition, the reader who nominated him will receive $250.

A former classmate nominated Chenevert calling him a true esquire, and telling Cosmo in her nomination letter: "Ryan is the successful bachelor that all women dream about. Although lots of guys may either look the part or look good on paper, Ryan is the total package."

Chenevert graduated law school in May and works in the 23rd Judicial District Court as a law clerk for Judge Ralph Tureau in Gonzales. He said everyone at the office has been very supportive of the article in Cosmo.

"I've caught a little flack," he admitted in a phone interview. "Some guys I've never even met before have started calling me 'Cosmo.' That's become my adopted nickname. It's all in good fun, though, and it helps start a conversation. Who knows? I could get a job that way."

Even with instant celebrity from his exposure in Cosmo, Chenevert isn't interested in modeling or acting. His heart is in practicing law.

"I enjoy both criminal and civil law," he said. "It's hard to practice both at a big law firm. Typically, you have to choose. To practice both you have to work for a small law firm, or open your own practice."

Chenevert said opening his own law practice is something he'll consider for the future.

"Absolutely," he said. "Even if I have my own practice in the future, I still want to do some type of public service, either working for the D.A. or in the Public Defender's Office. Whether it's part-time, or just volunteering, it's just such an important thing to do."

Meanwhile, Chenevert is awaiting the results of the Louisiana Bar Exam which is due this Friday.

"I flew out to New York for the photo shoot July 1, right in the middle of prepping for the bar exam," he said, adding the test was at the end of July.

He said the photo shoot in New York was a neat experience.

"A lot of the guys there were professional models," he said. "I told the photographer that I was probably the toughest person he had to work with because I didn't know how to pose. He had to tell me everything. But everyone there was so nice, so accommodating."

Chenevert said he got the opportunity to meet people from all over the country and tell them about life in Louisiana.

"It's been a good outreach opportunity for me to share my faith with other people," he said. "I got to tell them who I am and what I believe. Also, I got to represent people in Louisiana and let others know we aren't all swamp people like they see on the History channel, paddling around in piroques hunting alligators. I got to showcase Louisiana and tell them what Louisiana has to offer."

Since the November issue hit the stands, Chenevert said his mother in Baton Rouge has been out buying up all of the magazines to send to relatives.

"I have the best family, friends and support group anyone can ask for," he said. "My family has been overwhelmingly supportive, especially my mom."

He asked for your support, too. To vote for him, go to Cosmo's website at http://www.cosmopolitan.com/sex-love/bachelors-2012/bachelors-2012-louisiana.