Master Plan Data Viewer updates allows for flood insight

Staff Writer
Gonzales Weekly Citizen

The Coastal Protection and Restoration Authority is releasing an update to the Master Plan Data Viewer, an online tool that lets residents learn more about their current and future flood risk. The viewer was created in response to the public’s number one question about the coast, which is: “How bad is flooding going to get?”

The viewer is an interactive tool that allows people to go online, type in a location, and learn how likely that place is to flood from hurricanes and coastal storm surge. People can also see estimated damages from storm surge flooding, as well as estimates of how flood risk could change as master plan projects are constructed.

The viewer provides insight into current and future land change, flood depths, economic damage, coastal vegetation, social vulnerability, 2017 Master Plan Projects, and resources to reduce risk. Users can explore how the coast may change under different environmental scenarios and at different points in time over the next 50 years.

Also, users can obtain more information about master plan projects such as descriptions, cost, implementation period, and if the project becomes funded and moves into different stages of planning, design, and construction. Residents can better access the information about protection and restoration projects that benefit their families and communities.

Visit the Master Plan Data Viewer at