COVID in schools: See parishes leading Louisiana in K-12 COVID infections as of Jan. 26

Bonnie Bolden
Monroe News-Star

An interactive map showing parish-by-parish data is at the bottom of this story.

Across the state, 7,916 new student cases were reported Jan. 17-23, as were 1,391 new cases among adults. There have been 48,406 student cases identified this academic year and 8,138 adult cases.

The Louisiana Department of Health issues weekly updates on reported COVID-19 cases in schools, including adults and students. Totals have reset for this academic year.

See how each parish fares.

The reports tell how many schools in a parish have agreed to provide updates but do not give a specific district or campus breakdown of positive cases.

As of the Jan. 26 LDH report, the parishes with the highest totals in student cases are:

  • Orleans: 5,173
  • St. Tammany: 3,117
  • Lafayette: 3,033
  • Bossier: 2,620
  • East Baton Rouge: 2,575

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The parishes with the most student cases reported Jan. 17-23 are:

  • Bossier: 755
  • Orleans: 746
  • Lafayette: 646
  • Livingston: 405
  • Jefferson: 399

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The parishes with the most total cases among faculty, staff and volunteers are:

  • Orleans: 1,145
  • East Baton Rouge: 506
  • St. Tammany: 482
  • Jefferson: 470
  • Lafayette: 442

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The parishes with the most cases reported Jan. Jan. 17-23 among adults are:

  • Caddo: 111
  • Orleans: 101
  • Bossier: 100
  • East Baton Rouge: 90
  • St. Tammany: 80