Memorial scholarships awarded to East Ascension High seniors

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Gonzales Weekly Citizen
Erin Rachel Guillotte
6/5/1997 - 12/31/14

An essay contest for 2015 East Ascension High seniors was recent held in the memory of their classmate, Erin Guillotte. Guillote passed away in a accident during the holidays.

The seniors were asked to participate in writing an essay on the safety of driving and rules of the road especially during the holidays. Once the essays were submitted and read, the family of Guillote chose the winner of the best four.

During the award’s ceremony, Dr. David Arrington and his wife, Toni presented the scholarships to Joshua Nwokorie, Lauren Alexander Jackson, not pictured; Samual Hargrave and Rynesha Taylor.


Erin was a beautiful, redhaired, young lady whose life ended short. She was a senior at East Ascension High School Class of 2015. On New Years Eve, she was involved in a terrible accident that forever changed the lives of many who knew and loved her. She was thrown off a 4-wheeler and hit the side of a moving car and received an instant fatal head injury.

Her personality was shy and quiet but when she opened up and felt comfortable she would show the world her funny and witty side. Every night she made her family laugh sitting around the table. She was quick with the comebacks and kept her parents and sister on their toes and they all enjoyed every second of it.

Erin didn't have many hobbies other than Netflix, playing her PS3 and spending time with her family and friends. She did share a passion for cats, especially her cat Kara. That cat followed her everywhere and allowed Erin to do whatever she wanted to it. Kara loved Erin so much that she even followed her to Heaven passing away only 10 days after her owner did from a broken heart. Another devestating blow to the family.

Because Erin had enough credits to finish her senior year early, she of course took that option. Not knowing what the future was to hold for her, she was planing on taking two weeks off for the Holiday break and look for a job in January. Her plan was to get a full time job while she decided what she wanted to do with her life. She was considering something that she could be around small animals especially cats. Little did anyone know that she would never even see January 1st. A georgeous Angel was called to Heaven with the sweetest smile and the most vibrantly beautiful long red hair that one could imagine. My Love, my World, my sweet precious daughter is gone. Our hearts ache for her so much that it feels unbearable.

Sleep well my precious Angel; mom, dad, and Brandi miss you so much that it hurts!!


Amy Guillotte