EATEL customers making change for Volunteer Ascension

Staff Writer
Gonzales Weekly Citizen
Pictured : Jenny Heroman (EATEL) and Board Members James LeBlanc, Dawn Ewen, Donna Villar, Volunteer Ascension Director Sherry Denig, Amy Colby, Caroline Conerly, Jessica Lambert, President Josh Dencausse, Donna Whittington, Chad Bates, Gwen Price, Mike Dixon, Cathy Waggenspack Landry and President Elect Charlotte Guedry.

EATEL's "Making Change" program, which began three years ago, has been very successful – more than doubling its first-year contribution. EATEL customers who have enrolled in the program automatically contribute each month by "rounding up" their bill to the next whole dollar amount. From July 2012 to July 2013, the program raised $1815.74 for Volunteer Ascension thanks entirely to the participation of generous EATEL customers.

"This is a unique opportunity for EATEL to partner with our generous customers to make an impact for local schools," said Ashley Phillips, EATEL Chief Operating Officer. "By simply rounding up their EATEL bill each month, our customers can prove that together, hundreds of people can truly make a difference."

Monthly contributions can be as small as one penny, but never more than 99 cents. The "Making Change" money donated to Volunteer Ascension will help with several important community projects including the School Tools and School Uniforms programs. To participate in the program, EATEL customers can enroll by calling an EATEL customer service representative at 225.621.4300 or by visiting

"We understand that not everyone is able to make a large donation, so with the 'Making Change' Program, we've been able to suggest an affordable (and EASY) option that won't break the bank!" said Sherry Denig, Volunteer Ascension Executive Director. "We are so grateful to EATEL for providing such a simple way for customers to help those who are in need in Ascension Parish."