InfiniEDGE CEO and an VM specialist Xcite summer learners

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On Friday, July 19, InfiniEDGE CEO, Czarina Walker, answered the call for volunteers at the LSU College of Engineering pre-college program, Xcite (Exploration Camp Inspiring Tomorrow's Engineers). Program organizers asked local business owners to aid in facilitating activities and to speak to the group of participants about their careers.

The event is put on by students and faculty within the Louisiana State University College of Engineering and welcomes rising 9th and 10th grade girls from the Gulf Coast region to spend a week at LSU participating in a variety of hands – on demonstrations and lectures. The opportunity allows these young girls to network with many industry professionals, as well as gain first-hand experience living as a college student in an on-campus residential hall during the program.

Walker along with other tech community volunteers from LSU, Louisiana Women in Technology (LWIT) and other STEM related disciplines developed an innovative activity to capture the attention of the girls while teaching them the importance of process flow and logic as it relates to their lives and future careers.

The campers participated in an example process flow/logic system answering the question, "Mom, may I go out tonight?" Campers actively participated and gave feedback as part of the process.

After working through the example scenario, they separated in groups to tackle their own process flow systems, creating poster boards as a way to answer the scenario "Should I get a pet? If so, what kind of pet?" Individual groups shared results with the entire class.

"It was great to see how engaged all of the students were, and the creativity they used for the process flow exercise. This same level of excitement is how our team back at the office becomes when we work on software projects together. It is what keeps us connected and energized about our work." Explained Walker

Walker also helped to demonstrate the process of creating a database through Microsoft Access, and the importance of learning Structured Query Language (or SQL) for future career options.

She explained how writing code begins with a good database understanding, stressing its importance as a skill in today's technology and engineering industries.

InfiniEDGE team member, Porcha Cooper, a VM (Virtual Machine) certified staff member was also on-hand to speak to the campers regarding the interesting aspects of her job. Cooper explained her transition into the technology field, making the choice based upon garnering an interest during her first job working with computer systems.

Cooper also expressed the importance of education and inspired the campers to look outside the box while viewing the technology field as an exciting career for women.

About InfiniEDGE Software

InfiniEDGE Software creates custom software, website and web applications for leaders in private industry and government. Inhabiting their very own state of the art facility in Prairieville, Louisiana InfiniEDGE Software employs over 25 full time team members who are focused on and share a common passion for developing custom software for specialized business, industry, and government use. InfiniEDGE Software team members fall asleep and wake up with the excitement of knowing that not a moment of any day passes without their software and systems being in use all over the globe.

Unlike many remote or contract work arrangements common in the software development industry, InfiniEDGE Software was founded on and has always maintained full time staff who report to work together each day to drive the high quality productivity and creativity that keep their customer's projects cutting edge.

The company's over 16 year history has helped them to lead the region in a more progressive way on key issues in business and technology. One example, InfiniEDGE Software believes that specialized business software for United States businesses and government should be 100% developed in the United States, InfiniEDGE Software has never outsourced a single software development project overseas.

Additionally, it is not unusual to see InfiniEDGE Software team members out in the community speaking about the excitement of technology careers to students and being a voice for workforce development challenges as well as accomplishments throughout the technology industry.