East Ascension High marketing students benefit from $17,800 in grants

Staff Writer
Gonzales Weekly Citizen
The East Ascension High School Entrepreneurship and Cooperative Marketing Education classes were recently awarded a grant from the Marketing Education Retail Alliance (MERA).

The East Ascension High School Entrepreneurship and Cooperative Marketing Education classes were recently awarded a $8,500 Grant from the Marketing Education Retail Alliance (MERA). In addition to the $4,600 grant earned by Alicia Williamson’s accounting students and the $4,700 grant earned by Renni Diez’s marketing students, the $8,500 earned by Monica Caillouet’s students bring the total amount of grant funds earned by the East Ascension High School Marketing Department to $17,800. MERA was created in 2000 and is administered by the Louisiana Retailers Association. MERA grants are funded through the Louisiana Department of Economic Development under the authority of LA R.S. 47:318.

This grant allowed students the opportunity to demonstrate the knowledge and skills that they have acquired in the marketing classroom at the DECA Career Development Conference. These students competed with students from across the state in areas such as Management Team Decision Making, Apparel and Accessories, Sports and Entertainment Marketing, and various marketing–related fields.

The MERA grant provided materials and equipment for students to improve in customer service marketing activities. Students worked with marketing simulations that improved their abilities to provide better customer service, product knowledge, and follow-up procedures. The students then applied what they learned in role-play work scenarios that carried over into real-life experiences in their workplaces. They maintained customer service portfolios that included details and tips in handling customers and their orders, store merchandise and store procedures. The students in this classroom receive classroom instruction in the field of marketing, entrepreneurship, and advertising. These students also receive on the job training in a marketing related occupation. This grant has allowed us ensure that the students at East Ascension High School to meet the demands of business and industry.

Upon completion of the training, the students took the National Customer Service Examination.

The significance of the National Professional Certification in Customer Service affects everyone: the school, students, and employers. It validates that learning took place in the classroom and that class objectives meet industry needs, including rigor and relevance because these certification standards are set by the industry. Students leave the class with an industry-developed credential that demonstrates their potential to future employers.