Patriotic assembly honors soldiers and students

Mary-Glenn Smith
Students at G.W. Carver Primary School look on and listen as Chief Cayne Barras from the USS Sampson presents a slide show about life on a military ship and answers student’s questions.

Students at G.W. Carver Primary School adopted the U.S. Navy ship, the USS Sampson DDG 102, for its eight-month deployment.

In a patriotic assembly on Monday in Carver’s gym, Chief Cayne Barras presented the school with a plaque expressing appreciation for the students generosity throughout the deployment.

Students enjoyed a slide show of life on aboard the ship presented by Chief Barras and he answered questions students had about the ship and military life in general. The children also thanked Chief Barras for his service to the country.The USS Sampson was mainly deployed to the PersianGulf, where the ship and crew members stayed for four months, protecting a carrier.

In route the ship had several port visits to Hawaii, Japan, Thailand, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Dubai, and South Korea.

As a part of their adoption students, teachers, and faculty members sent the sailors boxes full of Christmas spirit. The students created Christmas decorations, cards and letters for the sailors. They also collected decorations, treats and items such as magazines, games, and puzzle books to help them pass the time. In the end, sixteen boxes were sent to the USS Sampson.The students gained an understanding of the sacrifices these sailors are making to protect our country. 

Students also learned that the families who patiently await their return are making a sacrifice as well.   

During the week of Veteran’s Day the students celebrated by wearing red, white and blue. They continued to collect funds to send more items for the rest of the ships deployment. Students sent 18 boxes to the sailors to help them celebrate Mardi Gras and Louisiana’s culture. 

 “It is our hopes to instill a sense of patriotism in the students through this adoption and also make them aware of what our military members and their families give up for the safety and values of our country,” said Librarian Janet Anderson.