Summer LEAP test results announced

Michael Tortorich

Louisiana education officials announced Tuesday results from the LEAP standardized tests given to public school students over the summer.

Ascension Parish fourth-grade students meeting state standards in math and English was 82 percent, while eighth-grade students meeting the level was 87 percent.

State officials said there was a four percent increase in the number of students achieving a score of “basic” or higher in all grades and subjects from last year to this year.

About 96,000 students took the test or re-took the test in spring and summer.

LEAP, which stands for Louisiana Educational Assessment Program, is designed to measure students’ basic skills in math and English before they are promoted to the next grade level.

State assessments are based on grade-level expectations, which is the content knowledge students are expected to have learned at the time of testing.

Students do not receive a pass or fail grade, but receive an achievement level score. The five achievement levels a student can score on assessments are: advanced, mastery, basic, approaching basic and unsatisfactory.

Students have to earn scores of at least “approaching basic” in one subject and “basic” in the other for promotion.

The majority of parish students scored in the  basic level.

Parish eighth-graders who scored basic in each subject category were: 48 percent in English Language Arts, 49 percent in Mathematics, 37 percent in Science and 49 percent in Social Studies.

Parish fourth-graders who scored basic were: 46 percent in English Language Arts, 45 percent in Mathematics, 45 percent in Science and 49 percent in Social Studies.