Strawberry patch in Albany brings schools together again

Crystal Kleinpeter/Gonzales Primary
Teachers from Gonzales Primary School and Pecan Grove Primary School enjoyed being together again also.Thery are, from left, back row, Megan Delatte, Lisa Cypel, Crystal Kleinpeter, Brandee Orgeron, and Kellie Servin; and front row, Vickie Templet and Melanie Sandahl. Not pictured are Candace Urban, Drudy Siears, and Lisa Kolb.

The second-grade students at Gonzales Primary School and Pecan Grove Primary School went to Ms. Heather’s Strawberry Patch in Albany.

The students went on the field trip to find out all about this fruit, which is such an important crop in Louisiana. 

The field trip turned out to be a reunion of sorts as the children were reunited with many friends whom they were in first grade with.

Before Pecan Grove Primary opened in August of 2008, the students were in first grade together at Gonzales Primary or Carver Primary. The teachers felt like this would be a good opportunity to get the children together for a “class reunion.”

At the strawberry patch, the students were able to pick strawberries. They were able to eat as they picked and were able to bring a container home. The students then went to have lunch and their reunion at Tickfaw State Park. The smiles on their faces as they were reunited with old friends were priceless. A great time was had by all.

Lauren Manogin,  a second grade student at Gonzales Primary says, “I loved the field trip because I saw all my friends from last year.” 

Olivia Shannon said, “It was fun to pick strawberries,  but it was also fun to see my classmates from last year.”

Lauren Manogin and Keila Placencio are classmates from last year.