Brotherhood/Sisterhood Awards presented at St. Theresa School

Janis Ament/St. Theresa publicity chair
Neighbors Federal Credit Union presented St. Theresa School students Keri Frederic, Ryan White, and St. Theresa School teacher Gail Campo with the Brotherhood/Sisterhood Award for the two eighth grade students and one faculty member who best exemplify the ideals of service in our school and community. From left are, Frederic, Campo, and White.

For the past several years, St. Theresa School in conjunction with the Neighbors Federal Credit Union has presented the Annual Brotherhood and Sisterhood Awards to the two eighth grade students and one faculty member who best exemplify the ideals of brotherhood and sisterhood through their daily activities in their school and community. 

This year, the Neighbors Federal Credit Union presented the Brotherhood and Sisterhood Awards at St. Theresa of Avila Church on Feb. 11, following the 9:30 a.m. Lenten Mass.

This year’s eighth grade recipients were Keri Frederic and Ryan White, and the faculty recipient was Gail Campo. 

If there is one trait that stands out the most in the minds of Frederic’s classmates when they think of her, it’s kindness. She is truly accepting and non-judgmental when interacting with her classmates, friends, family, and teachers. Frederic’s acceptance of the differences in others reminds us of the importance of celebrating rather than criticizing each person’s individuality. She is the daughter of Tony and Stephanie Frederic and the sister of Jon Marc Frederic and Trinity Babin.

Ryan White earns the admiration and respect of those around him by being caring, helpful, and kind. He never puts anyone down; he doesn’t gossip or do anything that would hurt another.  Although quiet, he always does the right thing and has a caring personality. His gentleness, peacefulness, and kindness are manifestations of strength and a role model for each of us. He is the son of Ray and Tammy White and the brother of Cameron.

Gail Campo practices what she has taught throughout the years. A Master Catechist, she has served as a teacher in Catholic education for 31 years with 16 of those years at St. Theresa School. She has taught sixth, seventh, and eighth grade religion and performed the duties of religion coordinator. 

There is no doubt students learned the material Campo taught very well. Classes under Campo’s tutelage received the highest scores on the ACRE (Assessment Catechesis Religion Education) test given by the Diocese.

However, she has done more than just teach religion. Within the classroom, Campo has supported all efforts to promote social justice and fairness between different races and religions. 

Through the creation of the God’s Warriors Club, Campo has engaged students in countless service projects including helping at the food bank, doing fundraisers for St. Jude Hospital and Make A Wish Foundation, and assisting teachers throughout the school. Campo has also been responsible for writing and directing the Passion play each year.  

She is the wife of Alvin Campo and together they have 7 children: Laurie Aucoin, Cathy Blanchard, Debbie Blanchard, Stacie Cazanave, Jason Campo, Joey Campo, and Sandy Durocher.

St. Theresa of Avila School is pleased to participate in this outstanding program and would like to thank the Neighbors Federal Credit Union for their efforts to promote better understanding, communication, and acceptance between the races, religions, and ethnic cultures.