St. Theresa students take stock of investments

Staff reports
Lynn Moak’s eighth grade class at St. Theresa School learned about the fine art of investing through a project that had students spending an imaginary $1,000 on stocks of their choice and afterwards charting the stocks’ progress. Students participating were, from left, kneeling, Ryan White, Wesley Freeburgh, and Austin Robert; middle row, Morgan Miller, Alaina Decoteau, Taylor Wiley, and Madison Robert; and back row, Reed Holdridge, Tyler Naquin, Jonathan Dumas, Matthew Hawkins, Taylor Santos, Christian Turner, Erin Carcel, Moak, and Brett LeBlanc.

Eighth grade students in Lynn Moak’s class at St. Theresa School had the opportunity to learn what the real world of financial investment is like through a fun project that had students scanning the stock market section of the newspaper rather than the comics or sports page.

Students were divided into two groups where each group invested an imaginary $1,000 in the stock or stocks of their choice.  Students tracked their stocks, “sold” their stocks, and “reinvested” in other stocks. 

At the end of the project, students submitted an overview of their work.  Ryan White and Wesley Freeburgh were declared the “winners” as their stocks had generated the highest rate of return on their initial “investment.” 

To celebrate the students’ new financial skills, students made posters and brought treats to class, which were symbolic of the Dow Jones, NASDAQ, and S & P 500. 

Jonathan Dumas made cookie squares shaped like dollar bills and colored with green icing.  In addition, he made cookies decorated with a variety of symbols representing the different companies in which the students had “invested.”