Gonzales couple shines as GPS Volunteers of the Year

Crystal Kleinpeter/Gonzales Primary
Martin and Mirna Mapp

On any given day, you will see Mirna and Martin Mapp Jr. at Gonzales Primary selling concessions to the students at recess.

The Mapps come to school two-three times a week and work the concession stand.  They not only run the concession stand, but they shop for items to put in the stand.  So when it came time to nominate a volunteer of the year for the school, the Mapps were the obvious choice. 

Before this year, the Mapps were familiar faces at Gonzales Primary. They would come to school to eat lunch with their two daughters, Casey and Shawn.

In November of 2008, they came to volunteer for “popcorn day.” They realized that there was a need for someone to sell concessions to the students at recess. They volunteered and they took over the task wholeheartedly.

While selling concessions, they are building relationships with the students. Their positive interactions with the students will help to produce great citizens for the City of Gonzales. The children will remember the couple who gave so much of themselves and, in turn, will volunteer when they have their own children in school.

Through their efforts, the Positive Behavior Support Program and the instructional program have benefited from the proceeds. Without these proceeds students would not be rewarded to the degree that they are currently. 

Both Mirna and Martin grew up in Ascension Parish and are both active in the community.  Martin is a police officer for the Gonzales Police Department.  Mirna is a stay at home mom who has volunteered as a Spanish interpreter for the police department and the sheriff’s office. 

They state that, “volunteering at the school means giving joy to the students and helping out the staff.  We would rather spend our free time with our children and the student body.  It makes us happy to see our children enjoy our presence on the school grounds.”

The faculty agrees that it is wonderful to see a family enjoy doing things together. Gonzales Primary is honored to have this special couple represent them as Volunteers of the Year.