APSO seeking suspects in yesterday's Geismar shooting

Staff Writer
Gonzales Weekly Citizen

A usually quiet road saw a heated standoff that turned tragic on Monday in Geismar.

Deputies were called to the scene at Carrie Lane near LA 74 after a witness heard gunshots and then found a male victim lying on the ground seriously wounded.

The victim’s name was not disclosed, but the Ascension Parish Sheriff’s Office confirmed that he was shot multiple times, at least once in the head.

Chief Deputy Bobby Webre said that the victim was “rushed to the hospital, where he was in critical condition. We do know from witnesses that there was some type of standoff between individuals, and two vehicles were seen leaving the area at a high rate of speed—one headed toward Gonzales, one headed toward St. Gabriel.”

Webre went on to say that there was a minimum of two suspects in this shooting, and there could be up to four. They are at large.

After the shooting occurred, Sheriff Jeff Wiley said that the first impressions of the incident was that it was “gangsters with guns.”

“We think this could be an isolated event. We think this could be a vendetta between one group and the group doing the shooting. We don’t know that for sure, but we’ll know more once we conduct more interviews,” Webre said.

Through eye witnesses, Webre was able to put out a description of the two vehicles that sped away from the crime scene.

He said that one car looks similar to a silver Honda Accord. It is an older model with a worn paint job. This is the car that headed toward Gonzales.

Webre said that the other car was a late model white vehicle resembling a Chevrolet Cruze. This was the car headed toward St. Gabriel.

He said that the vicim was still in critical condition at the hospital and that they could not confirm that he had passed.

The investigation is still ongoing.