Gonzales Police Dept. seek public assistance in identifying a suspect

Ascension Crime Briefs

Gonzales investigators are requesting the public's assistance in identifying a male suspect. 

The photographed suspect is alleged to have entered a convenience store in Gonzales. While other customers were the store, he exposed himself and began masturbating. As the suspect approached the counter too make a purchase, he exposed himself again by placing his genitalia on the counter. 

The suspect left when the clerk announced she was calling the police.

He was a passenger in the photographed vehicle, which is believed to be a 1997-2003 Pontiac Grand Prix. The vehicle was driven by someone who appeared to be a black female. The driver did not exit the vehicle and investigators are not yet able to determine if the driver provided assistance or has knowledge of the commission of the aforementioned crime. 

If anyone recognizes the suspect and/or the vehicle, contact CrimeStoppers at (225) 344-STOP or the Gonzales Police Dept. at (225) 647-9572.