GPD seeking fight suspects from EAHS graduation

Ascension Crime Briefs

On Wednesday evening, May 11, a fight broke out at the East Ascension High School graduation. The fight was not between graduates, rather family members or friends who were watching from the stands.

City of Gonzales Police Department officers who were on scene originally detained two suspects who were then cleared of any wrongdoing. The originators and participant quickly dispersed. The Dept. is now working closely with East Ascension High School officials, using collected videos of the fight, to identify the culprits. Once identification has been made, arrests will be forthcoming.

Chief Sherman Jackson said he hopes that any arrests made also serve as a lesson to the community.

"Seeing video footage of this incident has angered me. Adults, who should know better, detracted from the achievements of area graduates,” Jackson said. “They should be ashamed. We urge anyone with information to come forward. People must be held accountable for what happened, and incidents such as these will not be tolerated in our city. Young people worked for four years to have a brief moment of recognition at their graduation ceremony. To have that moment turned into this is inexcusable."

Chief Jackson has also asked that members of the community stop sharing videos of the incident on social media platforms.

"The sharing of videos made of this incident only serves to highlight this behavior," he said. "I ask instead that on social media, people celebrate their family members who earned the right to receive their diplomas last night. Let's showcase those achievements instead of the people who set out to detract from them."