State Police Superintendent receives national police award

Staff Writer
Gonzales Weekly Citizen
Col. Edmonson accepts the 25th Annual Sheriff Buford Pusser National Law Enforcement Award in Adamsville, Tenn. Pictured with Col. Edmonson is Dwana Pusser, daughter of the late Sheriff.

Colonel Mike Edmonson traveled to Tennessee at the invitation of Madison County Sheriff David Woolfork to attend the 25th Annual Sheriff Buford Pusser Festival Law Enforcement Memorial and Awards Ceremony. Based on the nomination by Sheriff Woolfork, Edmonson was presented with the Buford Pusser National Law Enforcement Award, May 18.

The Buford Pusser National Law Enforcement Award is given yearly to deserving officers who have exhibited both heroism and leadership in law enforcement. Edmonson is being recognized for his leadership in promoting law enforcement partnerships across local, parish/county, state and Federal agencies. Previous winners of the Pusser Award include Sheriff Woolfork, Maricopa County, AZ Sheriff Joe Arpaio and Arkansas Wildlife Officer Michael K. Neal.

"When the public needs our assistance, they're not interested in the color of our uniform or the shape of our badge. They only want to know that help will be there for them when they are in need," said Edmonson. "It is all of law enforcement's responsibility to engage in partnerships from the chief executive officers to the troopers, deputies and officers on patrol. These partnerships must not only be based on promises but based on actions. Partnerships contribute to our success but most importantly they ensure public safety for the citizens that we serve."

Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal said, "Colonel Edmonson embodies selflessness and public service, and I congratulate him on receiving this much deserved award. The Colonel is a tireless protector of the people of Louisiana, and our state is blessed to have him in service."

Sheriff Pusser served the citizens of McNairy County, Tenn. from 1964-1970. During his term of office, he declared war on the criminal element operating on the Tennessee-Mississippi State Line in McNairy County. This dedication cost him the loss of his wife in an assassination attempt on him in 1967 as well as Sheriff Pusser being stabbed seven times and shot eight times in his career. During his term of office he was forced to kill two people in the line of duty. His dedication to service made him the principal character in the Walking Tall series of movies and he has been portrayed by such well-known actors as Joe Don Baker, Bo Svenson, and Dwayne (the Rock) Johnson.