Arrests made in storage facility burglary

Staff Writer
Gonzales Weekly Citizen

Ascension Parish Chief Deputy Tony Bacala reports that three suspects have been identified as the people responsible for the storage facility burglary that occurred earlier this week. As a result of news reports that were publicized yesterday, an anonymous tip was received identifying one of the suspects. A second call was then received from a Vermillion Parish deputy also identifying that same person and a second person as the individuals in the video.

Both tips indicated that Christie Leger, 36, of Youngsville, near Lafayette, was one of the people on video during the commission of the crime and the deputy added that the second suspect was Lisa Arcement, who is also known as Lisa Kempfer. As the investigation unfolded, the male subject seen in the surveillance video was identified as Shane Harris.

Subsequently, Ascension Parish Detectives met with detectives from Lafayette Parish Sheriff's Office late Wednesday night and went to a home in Youngsville where a large amount of stolen property from Ascension Parish and property stolen from several other south Louisiana Parishes were located. Among the items recovered were the motorcycle and the 2013 Mastercraft X55 Ski boat that were stolen from Ascension Parish.

Christie Leger, 36, of Youngsville was arrested by Lafayette Sheriff's Office and charged with possession of stolen things, possession of schedule I marijuana (70 grams), possession of schedule II CDS (methamphetamines 1.8. grams), and possession of schedule III ( ketamine-4 CC). She is currently booked in the Lafayette Parish Jail. She will be facing burglary and theft charges in Ascension Parish in the coming days.

Her husband, Roger Leger, 37, was also arrested and charged with possession of stolen things, possession of schedule I marijuana (70 grams), possession of schedule II CDS (methamphetamines 1.8. grams), and possession of schedule III ( ketamine-4 CC). He is currently booked in the Lafayette Parish Jail.

Ascension authorities are also seeking burglary and theft warrants on Shane Harris and Kempfer. They remain at large and multiple agencies are searching for the two.

Lafayette Parish Sheriff's Investigators have recovered over $200,000.00 in stolen property in connection with a joint investigation with the Ascension Parish Sheriff's Office. Over the past several weeks several Store and Lock facilities in Acadiana have been burglarized, including one in Ascension Parish. On Wednesday April 3, 2013, the authorities in Ascension Parish released video footage of the suspects arriving and leaving a facility via news media's throughout the state; this resulted in the identification of the suspects and where that the suspects were located within Lafayette Parish. Ascension Investigators forwarded the information to the Lafayette Parish Sheriff's Office and the two agencies joined forces to locate a ski boat valued at over $100,000.00 and additional property expected to appraise at $100,000.00.

The investigation now includes authorities from St Landry Parish, Vermillion Parish, Lafayette City Police and Broussard City Police. Each of these agencies are investigating burglaries at storage facilities and some property recovered may be linked to these jurisdictions. Investigators confirmed that some of the property recovered is related to an ongoing investigation within Lafayette Parish of storage facilities on Johnston Street.

Roger Leger, 37 years old and his wife Christy Leger, 36 years old both of Youngsville have been arrested in connection with the case and have been booked on possession of stolen things. During the search of the Leger home in the 400 block of DulaStreet, Deputies located marijuana, methamphetamines andKetamine, a small pet tranquilizer commonly abused by drug users. Both have been charged with possessing controlled substances Schedule 1, 2, and 3. No bond has been set.

Additional charges are likely and more arrest are expected.