Gonzales PD arrest man on attempted, aggravated kidnapping charge

Staff reports
Talandis Cotton

Tuesday evening, January 17, saw a man arrested in Gonzales on charges of attempted aggravated kidnapping.

Around 6:45 p.m., Gonzales officers arrived at St. Elizabeth Hospital on Hwy. 30 on a call that a hospital employee had been disturbed in the parking lot. Officers found Talandis Cotton, 45, of 3732 Olney Street Ste #13, Metairie, being held by hospital security guards.

Cotton's wife, Melissa, an employee at the hospital, had asked security personnel to walk her to her vehicle after her shift, as she had been having difficulties with her estranged husband. She claimed there were a number of incidents of unauthorized entries into her home and physical attacks on her by Cotton. A protection order issued by St John Court filed on Dec 15, was among her belongings. 

When the security team and Mrs. Cotton arrived at her vehicle, it was noticed that a number of items normally found in the trunk of a car were strewn under the rear of the vehicle. The trunk of Mrs. Cotton's car was slightly ajar, and upon opening the trunk, they found Cotton hiding inside.

The team contacted Gonzales Police immediately, and upon arriving Officers discovered Talandis Cotton’s overcoat in the trunk of the vehicle where he was discovered. Within the pockets they found “zip” ties which could be used to bind either someone’s hands or feet, a short length of duct tape, and a toy pistol which appeared to be a real firearm to officers.

When asked by Officers why he was in the trunk, Cotton told officers that he was getting some hand tools from the trunk and the trunk lid closed on him.

Talandis denied any wrong doing and was arrested by Officers for Violation of the protective order issued by St John Court and Attempted Aggravated kidnapping.

Talandis Cotton is currently incarcerated in Ascension Parish Prison booked on the said charges and awaiting bond consideration.