Three arrested for Mama's Restaurant burglary

Staff reports
Dustin Capell

Sometime in the late hours of November 28 and early hours of the 29, Mama’s restaurant, located at 433 South Hwy. 61 in Gonzales, was burglarized. 

The suspect(s), entered the business by pushing in an air-condition window unit and entering through the hole. 

While inside, the suspect(s) took a door of its hinge that led to a locked room. 

Three specific locations inside the restaurant were targeted for its money.  Nothing else was disturbed; indicating that the suspect(s) had prior knowledge of where money was kept. 

The business suffered a loss of $18,000.

As a result of the investigation, Laci Stephens, Dustin Capell, and Conner Pitre were arrested for their planning and participation in the burglary. 

The investigation revealed that on the day the burglary was discovered, the three rented a hotel room in Baton Rouge and went on a three day spending and drug spree. 

Laci Stephens