What's going on here: Sheriff’s Office donates

Charlotte Guedry
Members of the Ascension?Parish Sheriffs Office, along with Vicky Stinson, stand with all of the items raised for Chris Stinson’s unit currently serving in?Afghanistan.

Recently, the Ascension?Parish?Sheriff’s Office surprised Vicky Stinson at an event held in the War Room at the Sheriff’s Office.

The entire department came together to collect a large number of items to send to her son, Chris, and his unit serving overseas.

Chris Stinson is a graduate of East Ascension?High?School, and his mother, Vicky, organized the program to get goods to her son and his unit.

“I cannot believe this,” said Stinson on seeing all that had been collected. “I cannot thank you enough. This means so much, especially when it comes from your own community.”

The event was organized by Sgt. Joey Meyers, who was pleased with all that was raised.

Sheriff Jeff Wiley was proud of his department, who managed to raise all of the items in only two weeks.

“We are so happy to be able to offer all of these items to your son and his unit,” said Wiley. “We are a department with a lot of military people, so helping in this way was the least we can do.”

Although the items were raised by all Sheriff’s Office personnel, those in attendance at the event were Sheriff Wiley, Joey Meyers,?Vicky?Stinson, Bobby Webre, Jo?Roux, Larry LeJeune, Jason?Roundtree, Louis Picou, Eric Villavasso, Sam Caston, Noel King and Adam Percy.

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