Gonzales Police called to Cabela's robbery

Charlotte Guedry

Early this morning, Gonzales Police were called in response to an alarm going off at Cabela's inside the city limits.

Upon arriving, officers did a brief search, and employees on site were unable to say what had caused the alarm to go off.

When returning from a break, employees noticed glass broken that surrounded one of the gun cases inside the building.

Gonzales Police were called agan, and Officers Anthony Cantrelle ad Davin Miller were dispatched to the location.

The building was cleared, and an extensive search began. During the search, the officers found Rhen Acosta, a 19 year old white male from Darrow.

Acosta had stolen eight guns. Two were on his person, and six were hidden in a booksack left in the store's footwear department.

Acosta was arrested on an Aggravated Burglary charge, and taken to the Ascension Parish Jail in Donaldsonville.

As of press time, no bond had been set.