"HotRod" Williams' former wife and son arrested

Staff reports
Karen Reddix

A five month long investigation into allegations made by John “Hotrod” Williams, accusing his former wife and son of making unauthorized withdrawals from a Collegiate Investment fund which, Williams had set up in 2002 for his three children, resulted in the arrest of both Karen Williams Reddix and John Francis Williams today.

The investigation uncovered that the investment fund was valued at over $400,000 in 2005, and during a three- year period spanning from 2005 thru 2008, the account had been drawn down to a value of $1,800.

Both Karen Reddix, 47, of 17368 Les Chenier in Prairieville, and John Francis Williams, 25, of 12231 Sweet bay in Gonzales, were interviewed in connection with the withdrawals from these accounts and arrest warrants were signed for their arrest.

Karen Williams Reddix and her son, John Francis Williams, turned themselves in on Thursday morning in compliance with the arrest warrants and have been booked into Ascension Parish Prison on the following charges:

Karen Williams Reddix: Criminal Conspiracy, Bank Fraud, Felony theft in excess of $1500, Identity Theft, and Forgery

John Francis Williams: Criminal Conspiracy, Bank Fraud, Felony theft in excess of $1500, and Identity Theft

John Williams