Vehicle stop leads to recovery of stolen four-wheeler

Staff reports
George Tucker

According to Gonzales Police Sergeant Steven Nethken In the early morning hours of Tuesday, Gonzales Patrol Officers spotted an unusual sight, which led them to conduct a traffic stop and ultimately the recovery of a stolen four-wheeler valued over $2500.

Sgt. Jeff Rogillio, a Gonzales Officer, was travelling Northbound along Burnside Ave. at approxiamtely 5:30 a.m., and witnessed a 2006 tan Nissan Sentra at a cross road intersection of West New River. Sgt. Rogillio noticed the trunk of the vehicle was open and a four wheeler loaded half into the trunk with two tires of the four wheeler riding on the pavement.

Officer Rogillio stopped the vehicle, which had pulled in behind Riverside Barber shop on W. New River St. and identified the driver of the vehicle as a George Tucker, 41, of 123-B West New River St., Gonzales.

Gonzales Police already held active warrants for his arrest.

The passenger of the vehicle was identified as Omarion Wicker, 26, of 918 N. Marchand Ave., Gonzales.

Both parties claimed the four-wheeler was the others and officers were able to identify the true owner of the four-wheeler , who lived a short distance from where Sgt. Rogillio had stopped the suspect vehicle.

Tucker has been charged with Felony Theft in excess of $1500 and operating a vehicle with a suspended license. Wicker has also been charged with Felony Theft in excess of $1500.

Both parties have been transported to Donaldsonville Parish Prison and are awaiting bond.

The stolen four-wheeler has been returned to its rightful owner.

Omarion Wicker