“Hot Rod” Williams issued summons

Charlotte Guedry

Graduation should be a time to celebrate, but for one local Gonzales neighborhood, it turned into a time of worry recently.

Former NBA star and Gonzales resident John “Hot Rod” Williams built a home in the Oak Alley neighborhood, and has been living there for a number of years.

On Saturday night, a party took place that upset other neighborhood residents greatly.

Loud music was blaring, and loud voices were shouting. After complaints were made, gun shots were heard, and cars began to quickly flee the home.

According to Gonzales Chief of Police Sherman Jackson, officers were called to the scene.

“At around 11:30 p.m., shots were fired from a moving vehicle on the property of Mr. Williams,” he said. “Fortunately no one was injured, as the shots were fired into the air.”

Eighteen months ago, the residence of Williams was the scene of another round of gun fire, when a young man was shot in the buttocks during a party of around 250 people.

At that time, Williams was said to have been told to keep an eye on that type of activity within the neighborhood.

Chief Jackson said the neighbors are unhappy with this latest incident, and his department have decided now is the time to alleviate any further incidents.

“I’ve spoken with the city attorney and council, and we will be working on a new ordinance that will be the basis for restrictions on house parties within city limits,” he said. “An ordinance will be created to restrict the amount of both people and noise levels on private property, regardless of the time of day.”

Jackson also said that on Monday afternoon, Williams was issued with a misdemeanor summons for Letting a Disorderly Place. Williams will be arraigned on May 31, and a decision will be made about the incident at that time.