Tanger Mall presents check to Gonzales Police

Staff reports
Tanger Mall Manager John Taylor recently presented a $500 check for the Gonzales Police Department to officer Walker Taylor. The mall annually contributes to the city police and fire departments.

The Gonzales Police Department recently received a $500 check from Tanger Mall to be used in the training division of the department.

The money will be used to send police officers to be trained in areas such as defensive tactics and Active Shooter. When trained the officers will return and provide annual re-certification training for other officers in the department.

In addition, the officers will provide training to citizens of the city while working closely with the mall in an effort to continue keeping the citizens of the city and customers of the mall safe.

Police Chief Sherman Jackson has placed a strong focus on training for both citizens and officers on the force.

He said he believes in pro-active law-enforcement and providing his officer’s with all the knowledge to do their jobs to the best of their ability.

Tanger Mall annually provides the Gonzales police and fire departments with grants to assist them with providing services to the city. The mall also goes the extra mile by paying off duty police officers to provide security to its stores and customers.