Truck smashes into eighteen-wheeler; driver extricated in Sorrento

Charlotte Guedry
The driver of this Chevrolet truck was attended to at the scene and later transported to a hospital.

Hwy. 61 near Sorrento Lumber was the scene of a traffic accident with injury early Wednesday morning, Jan. 19.

A Chevrolet truck was travelling northbound on Hwy. 61 when it plowed into the rear of an eighteen-wheeler.

The eighteen-wheeler was stationary, and making a left turn into Sorrento Lumber Yard when the Chevrolet went into the back of him.

The Chevrolet caught fire, and paramedics were on the scene quickly in order to remove the driver from the vehicle.

“The driver of the eighteen-wheeler was in the process of making a turn,” said Sorrento Chief of Police Earl Theriot. “ “He’s lucky to be alive. The truck was on fire and there’s some bad damage to the vehicle.”

The driver of the Chevrolet was placed in an Acadian Air Ambulance helicopter with the idea being to airlift him to Our Lady of the Lake Hospital in Baton Rouge. The helicopter malfuctioned, though, and the driver was instead taken to hospital by ambulance.

At press time, it is not known if he was taken to St. Elizabeth’s in Gonzales or Our Lady of the Lake in Baton Rouge, as a decision regarding the stablization of the driver would be made en route.

“We’ve got some people that go pretty fast,” said Theriot. “We don’t have all the details yet, so we’re not sure what happened. One things for sure, though. Drivers need to make sure they’re always paying attention.”

Theriot stated that although the driver’s injuries do not seemto be life-threatening, it is unclear as to exactly what injuries the driver may have sustained.

This Chevrolet truck plowed into the rear of an eighteen-wheeler along Hwy. 61 in Sorrento.