Sting nets Oxycontin selling pair in Sorrento With undercover help, Sorrento police officers busted two people for selling Oxycontin at the Bayou Chevron on June 10.

Mary-Glenn Smith

    With undercover help, Sorrento police officers busted two people for selling Oxycontin at the Bayou Chevron on June 10.

    Stacey L. Smith, female, age 22, and Kaleb Prettelt, male, age 25,  were both arrested and charged with distribution of Oxycontin and possession of narcotics within 1,000 feet of a school zone.

    The arrest was made after Sorrento Asst. Police Chief Billy Ballard had someone undercover make several phone calls to Smith for a control buy of Oxycontin.

    According to Ballard, Smith told the person working undercover that she knew someone, who was later identified as Prettelt, who had 30 Oxycontins for sale for $25 each; a total of $750.

    Prettelt allegedly told Smith he would buy the pills, but his car was broken down and the pills would have to be delivered. He allegedly offered her an extra $100 for delivery of the Oxycontin.

    After talking it over with Prettelt, Smith told him they would accept his offer, Ballard said.

    Both parties agreed to meet in the parking lot of the Bayou Chevron for delivery of the pills.

    At approximately 6 p.m., several Sorrento police officers, including Chief Earl Theriot, positioned themselves in designated locations surrounding the Chevron.

    Around 7:10 p.m., Smith, Prettelt and another passenger, Monique Roussel, pulled up to the gas station in a silver Honda Civic, Ballard said.

    The person working undercover walked up to the car and Smith instructed him to get into the vehicle, but he refused.

    When the vehicle began to drive away, Ballard had an officer block the vehicle and called all units up from their locations.

     Ballard told all occupants of the vehicle to step out with their hands up.

     The driver, Prettelt, was ordered onto the ground.

    While Prettelt was on the ground, Ballard said he spotted a silver pill fob sticking out Prettelt’s pant pocket.

    Ballard took the fob from Prettelt’s pocket, opened it and found thirty 30 mg Oxycontin pills.

    Prettelt was handcuffed, along with the other two occupants of the vehicle, and searched.

    Ballard said he found a flashlight on Prettelt with eight more Oxycontins inside it and a prescription bottle in his shirt pocket with 10 pills in it.

    When taken to Sorrento Police Department for questioning, Prettelt and Smith stated that Roussel did not know about the selling of the Oxycontin, Ballard said.

    Roussel was not charged and was allowed to leave, according to the police.

    Prettelt and Smith were transported to the Ascension Parish Sheriff’s Office jail and later charged.