Gonzales Fire Department joins Delgado Trauma Drill

Stephanie Hopkins
Delgado students run over check sheets on the way to the ER to be sure they covered everything.

Delgado’s annual Trauma Drill was held last Saturday on the community college campus in New Orleans to give students some disaster field experience in a controlled environment.

The day started off at 7 a.m. in a meeting room with nine groups of EMS students and nine ambulances. Ambulance drivers were given packets that included maps of the routes they would be taking, and they received two to three EMS students and a proctor. Extra students and three Gonzales Fire Department personnel were sent out to become patients and bystanders.

At 8 a.m. the ambulances were loaded up and headed to the staging area. The GFD ambulance which had a driver, three students and a proctor. The other eight ambulances were from West Jefferson Medical Center, Delgado, Fire District No. 4 from St. Tammany Parish, two from New Orleans EMS and three from East Jefferson General Hospital EMS, all of which were volunteering their services.

At the staging area a yellow vest and a radio for communicating with dispatch was given to the student captain in each ambulance. Ambulances began clearing out. Those few minutes were some of the longest, sitting there waiting for the call. Then dispatch came over the radio.

At the scene, a patient laid on the ground and bystanders were crying and screaming everywhere.

Two GFD guys acted as police officers controlling the scene. When the students got to the patient they found out they had not one but two patients. They began to work the scene with advice from their proctor.

A second ambulance was called for the other patient. One of the students got the stretcher from the ambulance and the patient was loaded onto the stretcher and then into the ambulance.

A second New Orleans EMS ambulance showed up for the other patient. Students looked over their check list to make sure they covered everything, and called ahead to the hospital.

The students unloaded the patient and headed into the hospital. They checked in at the front desk and were sent back to a room where Tulane Medical students waited to treat the patients.

The EMS students gave the run down of their patient to the med students and then it was back off to the ambulance.

On the way back to the staging area to wait on the next call the proctor went over with the students what they did right and wrong and what they could do better.

Delgado EMS students are shown how to load a stretcher into ambulance.