St. Amant fire chief reports 'alarming' call numbers

Staff reports

St. Amant Volunteer Fire Department Chief James E. LeBlanc recently reported the total calls received by the department in 2008, pointing out some of the numbers he considered “alarming.”

The number of auto accidents with injuries in the St. Amant area totaled 76 for the year. Also the number of attempted suicide calls in St. Amant totaled 16. He also pointed out the number of CPR in progress calls, which came to eight.

LeBlanc said the numbers are “pretty typical from year to year” but the attempted suicides and auto accidents with injuries have increased.

The deparment responded to a total of 545 calls during the year. The most calls in any month was 60, which came in December. May and August totaled the least calls, with 37 each month.

Most calls were categorized as EMS calls, as each month had at least 21 of that type.

A total of 36 calls were grass, trash, tree or pole fires.