Cousins indicted for shotgun murder

Wade McIntyre

DARROW – Two Darrow cousins charged  in the murder of a man shotgunned to death at the Main Street Shopping Center in Burnside were indicted by an Ascension Parish Grand Jury Jan. 29, District Attorney Ricky Babin said.

The grand jury returned a true bill indictment of second-degree murder on Renaldo Claiborne, 41, of 4540 Brown St., and an indictment of accessory after the fact to second-degree murder on Ricky Claiborne, 48, of 4466 Jenkins Lane, Babin said in a release.

The two men were charged in the killing of Alcee Miller, 50, of 5267 Galaxy Boulevard in Darrow after he was fatally wounded when several shots were fired into his vehicle in the shopping center parking lot on Dec. 12.

Both men were initially charged with second-degree murder.

Witnesses at the scene said Renaldo Claiborne took a shotgun from his car trunk and started shooting at Miller.

According to the sheriff’s office, Miller was able to drive his car from the parking lot to a driveway across the street from the shopping center where he was taken away by ambulance and pronounced dead shortly afterwards.

The case was brought before the grand jury by First Assistant District Attorney Charles “Chuck” Long and Assistant District Attorney Trent Garrett.