Teenager accidentally shoots cousin to death

Staff reports

DONALDSONVILLE – A 15-year-old youth died from a single gunshot wound to the head in what police said was an accidental shooting at a cousin’s home at 3104 Abend Church Road Sunday afternoon.

Esquire Williby was transported to Prevost Hospital where he died from his wounds a short time after authorities arrived at the scene, Ascension Parish Sheriff’s Office Chief Deputy Tony Bacala said in a release.

Investigators learned that Williby, his 16-year-old cousin and a 16-year-old friend stayed at the cousin’s home overnight, and had been playing video games and “clowning around” all night, Bacala said.

Prior to the mid-afternoon shooting, the cousin’s grandparents, with whom he lived, had bought pizza for the boys, Bacala said. The grandmother then left to go to work, and the grandfather left the home to have some mechanical work done on his car.

Bacala said at that point the boys began eating pizza and playing on a computer when the cousin left the room and returned with a handgun in one hand and a bullet in the other.

According to the chief deputy, the cousin apparently thought that the gun was unloaded and showed it to the other boys. He then pointed the gun at Williby, pulled the trigger and shot Williby in the head, Bacala said.

After the shot was fired, the cousin reportedly dropped to his knees in shock, and the friend ran to a neighbor’s house to summon help, Bacala said. After a short time, the cousin used a cell phone to call 911, then began to perform first aid on Williby, he said.

Bacala said the boys were described as being best friends since elementary school, and that the death appears to be accidental with no foul play suspected.

No charges have been filed, Bacala said.

Williby was in the eighth grade at Donaldsonville High School where he played on the football team.