UPDATE: Suspect turns himself in to Ascension Parish deputies

Michael Batiste

A Donaldsonville man has surrendered to Ascension Parish deputies after local media called on the public's help in the case, according to Captain Kevin Hanna.

Michael Jerome Batiste, 22, 403 W. 5th St., Donaldsonville, was booked Jan. 6, according to Ascension Parish Sheriff's Office records, on attempted second-degree murder, illegal use of weapons, two counts of aggravated criminal damage to property, domestic abuse battery, simple assault, attempted crime and firearm free zone charges.

Ascension Parish Chief Deputy Tony Bacala originally alerted the media that deputies were looking for Batiste last Tuesday afternoon.

Bacala said Batiste had been on a three-month crime spree in Donaldsonville.

In the early part of October, Batiste allegedly beat his girlfriend and threatened to kill her, Bacala said.

Batiste was wanted on outstanding warrants in connection with felony domestic abuse and simple assault, according to Bacala.

Several days following that incident Batiste attempted to kick the female's door in at her home, causing damage to the door, Bacala said. Batiste was unsuccessful in forcing his way in the home and had left prior to the sheriff's office arrival, Bacala said. Batiste was wanted in connection with this incident on charges of attempted unauthorized entry of an inhabited dwelling and simple criminal damage to property.  

Batiste also was sought for a pair of shootings that occurred in Donaldsonville in December and January  where he shot at two separate men, striking only their vehicles, Bacala said.