Scenario #1

Michael Davila
Thursday, Day 1: Jane was so happy to be taking this weekend trip with her girlfriends. She was actually surprised they asked her. Since she met Tony, all her time was spent with him. Tony didn't like her friends much, and would always get mad when she wanted to hang out with them. Her friends thought Tony was wrong for her, they kept saying he was creepy and controlling. But, he was so cute, and she really wanted to settle down, and Tony seemed to be the one. Well, until he lost his temper and grabbed her one too many times. So she told Tony they needed a break. Tony didn't take that well, but she figures she would take this trip and when she got back, Tony may start acting right, maybe appreciate her more.It was kinda cute that he was calling and begging her back, but earlier today, he texted her saying she better get back with him or she would regret it. But she did not have time to think about that today. So she hurriedly packed up her car so she could leave straight after work tomorrow. She just needed to make one quick stop at the store after work to pick up a few things she needed, meet her friends, and then Florida bound! As she laid in bed, about to go to sleep, she got a text from Tony, "You better answer me or else". She thought "whatever" and went to sleep.Friday, Day 2: All day long at work, Jane was distracted, thinking about the trip. "Maybe I should have just taken the day off" she thought. She texted her friends letting them know she had to pick up a few things, so they decided to meet at the convenience store by the interstate.She was so ready to go, she had been so distracted today, a customer got really ugly with her. She tried to be polite and apologize, but he stormed out yelling "you're gonna get yours!".  Whatever. In a little while she would hit the road and enjoy a great weekend. She finally got to the store. Great!  The parking lot was packed! On top of that, here comes a bum wanting money! She was hoping he would not come her way, but of course he did. She quickly got out of her car and sprinted to the store entrance, avoiding contact. She picked up her items and went to check out. Great! All these people here and only 2 lanes open! She texted her friends and told them she was running late, but she would catch up. So she waited in line, growing more impatient and furious by the moment.Finally, she was out of the store. She was so late. She walked into the parking lot, but couldn't remember where she parked. "OMG! That bum made me forget where I parked!" she thought. She finally finds her car, and the bum! As he walks toward her, he says hello. She immediately yells "I have no money for you, leave me alone, get a job!" and storms past him. She gets to her car, pops the trunk and tries to find her camera. "I thought I put it in the bag on top, what the heck?" She thought. She sets her bags, keys, and purse down an starts rifling through the trunk. She finds the camera, turns around to see a man standing there. Startled, she says "what do YOU want"? ******** Jane's friends got to the hotel, checked in, and unpacked. They had tried to text her all evening, she wouldn't respond. Around midnight, they assumed she ditched them again for "Tony". She must have gotten back with him, they couldn't believe it. "She made her choice, we're done with it",they decided. Conclusion: This scenario plays out in cities and towns all across America to sometimes tragic ends. While reading, could you see some of the things that could contribute to this scenario ending badly? Distractions: break up, trip, being late, busy store, bum in the parking lot, and finding the camera. What are some of the mistakes she made due to distractions? Telling her friends she'd catch up, not knowing where she parked, snapping at the bum, focusing totally on the camera, and setting her bags, purse, and keys down, out of her reach. She was so totally occupied looking for the camera, someone was able to walk up without her noticing and stand there. So who was the guy standing there? Tony, the bum, the customer from earlier, or just someone random are all possibilities.The bottom line is that awareness is key. One of the elements perpetrators of an attack look for is someone not paying attention to their surroundings. It is harder to identify someone if you only see them for a split second. Don't make the same mistakes Jane made. Two Keys Self Defense