A Community of Fear

Staff Writer
Gonzales Weekly Citizen

Did anyone notice the stats on crime in Baton Rouge and the surrounding areas lately?  If you did, your personal awareness of your safety and that of your kids and family are at stake.  One only needs to view the news, read the paper or take your smart phone and look at current events to see that it is only time before "you" are confronted by some criminal on the street.  Just recently, a woman was taken in broad daylight at noon in front of a major medical facility around Essen.  She was taken to another parish, raped and then brought back to Baton Rouge and dropped off by LSU.  Yes!!!!  This can happen to you.  However, you have options.  One can take chances and hope that the odds are in their favor and that it will never happen to them or one can be prepared for the worst with the hopes that they will never have to use the skill, but it is there if needed.  

Martial Arts schools in the area offer many types of self defense.  Most are geared to the fighting arts, but there is another way.  At Black Dragon Martial Arts, LLC, we offer a 4 hour women's self defense seminar designed to help one escape an attack and get to a place of safety without standing and fighting some street criminal.  These seminars are Nationally Accredited and taught by Nationally Certified Instructors through the Tactical Hapkido Alliance under the direction of Grandmaster Barry Rodemaker.  Please see www.tacticalhapkido.com.  

Baton Rouge has become the murder capital of the United States.  Awareness is one of the first tools taught to people as they go about their daily activities.  However, most are too busy with their cell phones, kids, packages etc and then find themselves in a hostile situation. The Black Dragon Martial Martial Arts Seminar, known as Conflict Continnum, teaches the student the Continnum of awareness, verbal escalation, and how to handle the physical confrontation and survive.  We do not claim to make one a black belt, MMA fighter, or champion boxer.  We do however claim and support the fact that no one has to be a victim and or a door mat to a thug.

It is my personal hope that not only would Black Dragon Martial Arts offer such a program to the community, but all martial art school owners combine in concert to to help make our communities safe.  It happens sometimes, one person at a time.

If interested please call 225-715-7856 for more information.  Private lessons and group discounts are available.  

Happy Training!