From Where does Inspiration Come?

Staff Writer
Gonzales Weekly Citizen


Inspiration can come in many shapes and forms and directly impacts everything that we do. Recently I found myself inspired by an article on Flipboard (an apple app) about Mark Wahlberg. The story was about his real life beginnings as a teenage “street criminal” and then his rise to fame as a musical artist, Calvin Klein model, acting as a porn star in BOOGIE NIGHTS, action hero, comedy actor, etc. I found two of his ideas to be especially interesting.

My inspiration and what is driving this entry is Wahlbergs' understanding of the “X” factor. No, this is not the same X in P90X. Instead, it’s how we evolve. Some of us have a skill for it, a drive for it if you will. It’s the drive to turn nothing into something. 

My goal has been to motivate or inspire others to move and start living a better, healthier life with the outcome being living longer successfully. I’ve written a book, created an infomercial, have a fitness app coming out in the next couple of months and I have taught classes and 1-on-1 personal training for the last 15 years. Not all of these endeavors have been successful but make no mistake about it, none of them would be successful if I had not become motivated to weight train after graduating high school in 1986. 

If you have read my book REAL LIFE FITNESS then you already know that I was a 2-3 hour a day exerciser. On the surface I probably appeared like more sweat than substance. But for me, the sweat was the substance because it shaped who I am now. The root of any substance back tracks in a jagged, crisscrossed line. No substance is self-generated; no failure is self-contained. The things you do now, and the person you will become determine your capabilities. Too philosophical? 

What inspired me most in his story, is what Wahlberg called “beyond-hours.” There are hours that are expected and there are “beyond hours” necessary to achieve goals. Too simplistic. A lot of us log hours of hard but hollow work that don’t advance us, but only allow us to brag about how much time we work. So the big question is, WHAT DO YOU HAVE TO SHOW FOR IT? Are you richer, smarter, healthier or do you just get to say I’m busy and therefore couldn’t possibly have 30-minutes more to improve ME!

I am a fan of finding balance in life. Good friends, work, food, exercise and play are all parts of successful living. Most of us will find time to play, eat, work and socialize but axe the exercise even though we know it is important in the role of staying healthy. Here is our call to action! If you have started exercising already and find that you are not losing weight are getting healthier then ask yourself this question, “AM I JUST SPENDING MORE TIME IN THE GYM TO SAY, I SPEND MORE TIME IN THE GYM?” If your answer is yes, then go to and buy Real LIfe Fitness. You will get the book and a DVD on Living Successfully for under $20.00. Or you can contact me directly and ask questions through this fitness blog at 

If you haven't started yet then put aside 20-minutes today, lace up your most comfortable shoes and walk in your neighborhood. Then after your walk stretch for 10-minutes with these simple stretches. I guarantee you will feel better afterwards.